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December 25, 2012
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"We're back!" you called into what seemed like an empty house. "Sam? Dean? Bobby?" You called as you walked around the house. Then you herd running. "How's it going love birds?" you turned around and saw Dean and Sam looking at you then at Castiel's hand around yours. You immediately let go. You saw Castiel pout a bit when you let go of his hand. You eyed Dean angrily. "So where's Bobby?" you asked putting your hands on your hips. And as if summoned he stepped out of the bathroom and saw everyone staring at him. "What?" he asked defensively. "Never mind" you said slightly tiered. You took out your phone to check the time, 'Hmm… 8:30pm'
"I'm going to sleep okay?"
"This early" Dean eyed you suspiciously.
"Yes? Is there a problem?"
"No" Dean said simply
You walk to your room tiered from walking around the mall so much, and then remember what happened with Castiel. 'Wait!' as you remember the conversation you were having with him. 'He said that Dean told him I liked him…' you undress and put on some baggy pajama pants and a tank top. You through yourself onto the bed and stare at the ceiling. 'Does he like me? Or did he only hold my hand because he saw me looking sad? Maybe he didn't even notice? What I made him feel guilty by crying? Why did I start crying?' You turn to lay face down on the bed and yell into your pillow. Then just mumble into it "He would never like me… he's an angel, a gorgeous angel at that and I'm just… me" you say the last part sadly and begin to sob. Little do you know Castiel standing in the corner of your room watching you. He leaves without you knowing
Sam and Den were sitting in the living room, well Sam was searching the internet for anything suspicious and Dean was cleaning a gun. Castiel appeared in front of them. "She's crying" he said in a depressed tone. "What?" Dean asked confused. "[Name], she's crying" he looked away and added in "I believe it's my fault"
"What do you mean?", Sam asked looking up from closing his laptop.
Castiel looked over at Sam. "She thinks that I don't find her attractive" Sam smiled understanding why the angel was worried. "Don't worry Cas" Dean got up, and looked reassuringly at him. "Alright" Then Castiel zapped off.
Castiel appeared in you room, relieved to see you sleeping. He stayed there  and watched you sleep worried that something might happen, although he wasn't sure what but he felt like he needed to protect you.
Close to 8 am you began to stir. Castiel looked up from you sketch book and decided it was time to go.
You stretched your arms and looked over thinking you had seen Castiel sitting on you bed. 'I'm probably just imagining things' You got up and but on some shoes so you wouldn't be bare foot.
Yawning as you walked into the kitchen you saw Sam making breakfast. Sam sitting at the table with Cas in front of him whispering in hushed tones. They saw you come in and immediately stopped.  You didn't like the feeling of knowing that people were talking about you; especially your friends. You went to sit at the table, best in front of the both of them at the edge of the table not wanting to make anything awkward even though it felt just as bad. You looked down at you hand and began to play with your fingers. Sam looked over and saw how awkward and silent everything was.
"[Name]?" Sam called interrupting you thoughts.
"Huh?" you said a bit irritated
"What do you want for breakfast?" he asked pleadingly, obviously worried about you state.
You turned around to face him, "Um… could you make me some pancakes?" you asked in a shy tone.
"Sure thing" and he went to get what he needed.
You turned back at the table. You decided to look up at Dean and make a small smile. Then you dared yourself to look over at Castiel. It was more of an awkward glance but you made eye contact and quickly went back to looking at the table. Finally irritated with how awkward the air felt, you smiled and spoke up a cheery tone, "So… Christmas Eve huh?" They looked at you wondering if you were okay. Receiving no response you decided to push the subject. "Are we going to a bar to celebrate?" Pleased with your positive behavior Dean smiled at you, "There's a bar down town we could go to… nit sure if Bobby would want to go though" "You all can go… someone's got to run the place" You heard Bobby call form the living room. "Okay then… later tonight" you said feeling better, you looked over at Castiel and found him staring at you again, you decided to smile and he looked away, trying to hide the light blush that appeared on his face.
After eating breakfast it was around 12pm. You were sitting in the living room, holding your knees against your chest, while staring out the window. Castiel was observing the Christmas tree you had helped Bobby put up the other day. Sam was reading a book. And Dean was eating some chips sitting on the other side of the couch. Becoming boar you got up. "Where are you going?" he managed to say through his mouthful of chips. "Of to kill myself" you say sarcastically. You see Cas in shock looking at you. You sigh and smile at his response. "Don't worry… I'm going to kill myself Cas" you reassure him. You walk to your room to look for one of your sketch books, 'It's not every day that I can actually draw something without almost dying' You found your sketch books in a mess on the floor. You found the newest one and took a pencil along with an eraser. You went back to the living room and sat down, thinking about what to draw. The you saw the angel in a trench coat, that you were so hopelessly in love with. You looked up "Yes?" "You said you were going to kill yourself" he trailed off, not sure if he made his concern apparent. "Did you want me to?" you asked slightly offended with what he said. He looked up at the ceiling trying to find the right words to say. After not thinking he would say anything you decided you would draw The Doctor from Doctor Who. 'Well thanks for feeling like that about me Castiel' You thought angrily as you drew The 11th Doctor. "You draw nice" you looked up at Castiel and smiled, "Thanks" and went back to drawing. After about 5 minutes you finished and you were satisfied with the result. "Can you draw people?" he asked
"Yeah?" you responded wearily wondering where he was going with this.
"Could you draw me?" He looked up surprised
"Well not me since your eyes would burn if you saw my true form… but this vessel… Jimmy"
"Okay" You thought about how you were going to draw Castiel. He was hovering over you.
"You can go and sit down if you want… I have a pretty good memory so I won't need to look at you the whole time" you reassured him. You decided to draw him how you first saw him. That determined but worried look. The demon killing knife in hand, against a brick wall, snow coming down, and extended shadows of his amazing wings on the brick wall. After about 30 minutes you were done. You walked over to him and dropped it on his lap he looked at you then at the drawing. Knowing he wasn't going to say anything you just said "Your welcome" Curious, Sam and Dean went over to see your drawing. "Wow" Dean began, "You actually made Cas look like a badass" You smiled at his compliment. Sam took the sketch book and observed the drawing, "This is amazing [Name]" You smiled and said that you.
It was now 8pm and you decided to get ready. You put on some brown knee high leather boots, dark blue skinny jeans, a black button up shirt with the sleeves rolled up to you elbows, the two button from the top left unbuttoned, you put on some eyeliner and eye shadow, then some lip-gloss. You took out a Santa hat and put it on, then you black winter jacket.
"Ready yet?" you called from the living room.
They came out and looked at you wide eyed. "What?!?!" you asked defensively. "Nothing… we've just never seen you with make-up" Sam said before Dean made a smooth comment.  Castiel just stared at you. You made your way to the door "Let's go"
When you got to the bar Sam and Dean were in front of you and Castiel. They stopped at the door and went in one at a time. 'Wonder why?' you wondered. "See told you that they would have put one" Dean said smugly to Sam. You stepped in with Castiel. "Stop right there" Dean warned. You looked at Sam worried he just rolled his eyes because of Dean. "What?" you asked cautiously. Dean pointed up and then you saw it. Mistletoe. A deep blush spread across you face as you looked over at the confused angel. You gave a deep sigh. 'Might as well' you grabbed his tie and pulled him into a deep kiss. 'I'll probably go to hell for this… but it's worth it. His lips are so soft. You heard Dean talking to Sam "Well it's about fucking time" Then you pulled back. Your lust full eyes looked into Castiel's shocked ones. Castiel then thought 'Is this what Dean meant? This feels different from when she held my hand… when I held hers. I like it though. It like adrenaline.' Next thing you knew Castiel took hold of your waist spun you around and pinned you against a wall. His face was inches from your and you could feel his hot breath on your face. 'Damn he looks se-'Before you could finish you thought Castiel pulls you into soft then passionate kiss. His lips moving with yours in perfect motion. Gasping for air after a while and he take the chance to move his tongue into your mouth. His exploring the new soundings. Finding you tongue then grinding against it. You were so hazed you didn't even hear Dean say "Um… we'll just leave ad get some drinks… Come on Sam" he said as he pulled his brother from the scene before them. You began to grind up against him, just wanting him, like you were the only two people in the world. Finally you gasped for air. Both of you leaned on each others forehead. Breathing heavily you managed to say "Where did you learn that? The pizza man?" He leaned in and whispered into your ear. "Don't ask stupid questions [Name]. The pizza man learned that from me."  You looked at him in shock and continued to kiss.
Well heres part 5 to my reader insert... it'll probably end here though unless you decide to request some random afterwords.... but no lemon (I don't write lemons... sorry)
But I guess I did okay with the kiss scene (Damn it sucks) But I enjoyed writing this :) Damn it why are you so sexy Cas!?!?

Page 1: [link]
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Epilogue: You pulled away for the second time, again needing air, unlike Castiel who could keep going all he wanted because he doesn't need to breathe. In the end the bar ended up exploding from how incredibly perfect you two were. And how sexy Cas was. And you were amazing (even more then how you already were) that you some how ended up dying twice

[A/N: yeah :XD: Best ending ever.... sorry about that :iconepicclapplz: ]

:iconshaplz: actual epilogue [link]
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Kawaiibear1 Mar 22, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
"Don't ask stupid questions [Name]. The pizza man learned that from me." :iconmotherofgod-plz:

I burst out laughing! Bravo! Bravo! :iconclapplz: 
Da fauq? Pizza man? What?!?!?!?!
AnimeLover594 Jan 27, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I don't even know, I wrote this like two years ago, I really hate this (the story)
i don't know what i was thinking :iconawkwardplz:
I don't know what I'm thinking.
JunebugJupiter Dec 16, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
AnimeLover594 Dec 16, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
 i take it that you liked it?
(even though i hate it)
JapaneseSakura Mar 23, 2014  Student General Artist
Cryaotic8008135 Nov 29, 2013  Professional Artist
:lemon: :lemon: :lemon: :lemon: :lemon: :lemon: :lemon: :lemon: 
this is awesome please contiue . sorry if i miss spelled something i'm using my ps vita
AnimeLover594 Oct 27, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you very much :aww: and you only misspelled continue (you forgot the second 'n') but i didn't notice untill i re-read it n_n but there's a sequel in the description
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