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Winter's Fire- Bucky X Reader Ch4
Your eyes fluttered open and you realized that you had dozed off again. You looked around and realized that you were still at the table and surrounded by papers. You gaze a long sigh and ran a hand over your face and read over the profile in front of you and stamped it and placed it in the right pile. You continued doing this for another thirty minutes and you heard the familiar sound on hurried footsteps on the dirt covered ground.
Signing yet another paper you felt someone standing behind you. You gave a sigh smiled, “Go away, I busy” you tried to say sternly. “Oh come on” he whined and rested his chin on the top of your head and crossed his arms lazily over your shoulder and pulled you closer to him, “Can’t they give you a break?” he asked and you were sure he was pouting.
“Sorry darling” you said lovingly, “but I have to turn these in tomorrow morning. Plus” you wiggled out of his embrace and turned to look at him
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Winter's Fire- Bucky X Reader Ch3
Steve led you down the hall of the V.A. and to a room where there were at least twelve people gathered in front of a man who was leaning on a podium. Steve makes his way inside the room but leans on the wall not far from the door and crosses his arms. You decided to lean on the inside of the door frame and listen to what is being discussed among the group.
A woman, possibly your age, had just finished talking about her most recent experience and you noticed how the man at the front of the room listened intently to her. He then spoke to everyone in the room, “The deal is, some stuff we leave there. Other stuff we bring back. Our job is to figure out how to carry it”  he then looked over to where you and Steve were and gave a small nod in acknowledgment but continued, “Is it going to be in a bug suitcase or a little man purse? It’s up to you…” he finished and looked over the room as the members gave small nods of agreement.
He ended the meeting a
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Winter's Fire- Bucky X Reader Ch2
After stopping by Steve’s apartment so he could get a change of clothes and drop off his shield, the two of you made your way to the Smithsonian. “Maybe we could convince them to let you in as a senior citizen” you said looking over at Steve who was wearing a hoodie. He chuckled softly, “I don’t think that work out too well”
“Yeah I guess your right” you said shrugging. “Have you ever thought about being a spokesman? I mean you could sell a bunch of anti-aging cream. You’re like, what, 90 something? I would certainly be convinced” you joked as you walked to the front desk to buy the tickets. Steve merely shook his head as you were handed the tickets.
“Oh come on Steve!” you groaned, “You need to go and meet people or something! Date a girl! Oh wait” you quickly added and spun around to point at Steve in the face, “Nat told me about your neighbor, and she sounds nice. Why don
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Winter's Fire- Bucky X Reader Ch1
“I love you, did you know that?” you looked up, laughing at the man before you, a stupid smile plastered on his face. You nodded and grinned as the two of you continued to dance, “You may have mentioned it in the past few years” you never knew if he meant it, he was always after some other girl but would end up coming back to you but sometimes he just said it when you did the simplest of things.
“No, I mean it” he stressed and spun you then brought you back to him, “And I want to marry you” he said and grinned down at you. You smiled softly and slowly shook you head and looked away from him, “Maybe when all of this is over” was your reply. “I can take that” he said, joy evident in his voice.
The music began slow and he dipped you down for the end of the song, but instead of being pulled back up to him, you fell to the floor with a soft thump. You looked up at you dance partner only to see that he was gone. Y
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Booker DeWitt by AnimeLover594 Booker DeWitt :iconanimelover594:AnimeLover594 22 5 My Dear.... Garrett? by AnimeLover594 My Dear.... Garrett? :iconanimelover594:AnimeLover594 72 32 Job Requierments by AnimeLover594 Job Requierments :iconanimelover594:AnimeLover594 58 11 Gaaaaaaaaaarrrreeeett by AnimeLover594 Gaaaaaaaaaarrrreeeett :iconanimelover594:AnimeLover594 16 5
Booker DeWitt x Reader pt11
Booker walked ahead of both you and Elizabeth trying to find some supplies but mostly to sort out his thoughts. You gave a sigh and a frown tugged at our lips when you thought about what Booker had said about his deceased family. You understood his lose and saw that he felt that he blamed himself for their death. “I’ll be back” Booker said, snapping you out of your thought and you turned to look at him, only to see a hint of worry on his face as he looked to you. You nodded, indicating you were alright.
Elizabeth went to sit on a bench and you fallowed her since you had a feeling Booker would take longer than necessary. “Why do you want to go to Paris?” you asked Elizabeth. She looked slightly taken aback by your question but answered regardless, “Oh, well I always thought it was beautiful. It has such amazing art, history, music and if I could I would absolutely love to live there”.
You gave a hint of a smile; you knew Elizabeth wasn
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Remus Lupin x Reader pt10
What you had predicted had happened. While on the winter holidays, you and Remus had ended up staying up talking till late at night, you were barely awake and Remus had abruptly excused himself, making you fall on the floor since his shoulder had been your current pillow. He hadn’t come back and you questioned him in the morning and he said he went to the bathroom. But you noticed his bandaged hand and thought better of commenting on it.
But now the four of you were sitting in the owlery thinking of the best way to confront him. Peter, who had been told as soon as he returned to Hogwarts, suggested, “Let’s wait till he tells us” and received annoyed glares.
James and Sirius, as usual, recommended making a joke out of it. “Would you like to go for a stroll in the moon light?” “I heard about your furry little problem” but stopped when you threatened to slap them.
“Then what’s your great plan?” Sir
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Booker DeWitt x Reader pt10
Booker found a wallet on a bench and kept the money and you found a purse that had a lot more money. The two of you fallowed close behind Elizabeth as she looked at the shop windows. You passed by a show that involved Duke and Dimwit. Elizabeth commented on how the character and the idea’s they suggested seemed more wicked as she saw the children watching the show and how they acted.  “If we shot them no one would really care” Booker murmured, annoyance evident on his beautiful face. You scornfully slapped his arm and he shrugged in response and the three of you continued your walk.
Booker continued to think back to what you had said to Elizabeth at the book store. You weren’t married but you had been with someone long enough to have their child. He wondered what had happened but tried not to linger on it. And it didn’t seem like you were planning to be in a relationship anytime soon, despite your age, although you didn’t look it. Booker snapped
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It's Time to get Creative by AnimeLover594 It's Time to get Creative :iconanimelover594:AnimeLover594 23 8
Booker DeWitt x Reader pt9
Once inside, you felt a headache coming on; there was that annoying patriotic song playing through the arcade. You frowned as you saw the propaganda of boys being good soldiers; Booker noticed and threw you a worried glance, “Something wrong?” he questioned.
“Look at this place” you said as you descended the few steps that lead to the main area of the arcade that had an over sized animatronic eagle with the flag of Colombia. “Its sole purpose is to attract children, well boys, to be soldier’s for Comstock” you walked past the mechanic Patriot and considered shooting it but thought against it since you weren’t sure if it would trigger an alarm.
Booker thought over your words and found that you had a point, “Brainwash them from the start and they won’t question it” he said solemnly. “This is wrong” Elizabeth mused aloud.
“It’s disgusting” you said and approached a locked door and gave go at lo
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Murder of Crows by AnimeLover594 Murder of Crows :iconanimelover594:AnimeLover594 28 12 Do You Here The People Sing? by AnimeLover594 Do You Here The People Sing? :iconanimelover594:AnimeLover594 12 6 'Elizabeth's' sketch by AnimeLover594 'Elizabeth's' sketch :iconanimelover594:AnimeLover594 15 2


Edward in Mayan Armor by sunsetagain Edward in Mayan Armor :iconsunsetagain:sunsetagain 587 11 Yellow Duck by sunsetagain Yellow Duck :iconsunsetagain:sunsetagain 49 3 Battle for the release date by sunsetagain Battle for the release date :iconsunsetagain:sunsetagain 408 26 Yusuf Tazim in Ishak Pasha armor by sunsetagain Yusuf Tazim in Ishak Pasha armor :iconsunsetagain:sunsetagain 740 35 DWR Ep 2: Page 14 by Girl-on-the-Moon DWR Ep 2: Page 14 :icongirl-on-the-moon:Girl-on-the-Moon 78 16 ACU - Here comes the revolution... by RBF-productions-NL ACU - Here comes the revolution... :iconrbf-productions-nl:RBF-productions-NL 310 63 Assassin's Creed: Arno Cosplay in Paris VIDEO by RBF-productions-NL Assassin's Creed: Arno Cosplay in Paris VIDEO :iconrbf-productions-nl:RBF-productions-NL 400 79
Peter Quill x Reader Born For the Stars Part 6.
            Light flooded the room slowly, but in your mind you found that very irritating. You were still tired.
            “It’s time to wake up, (F/n).” Peter called.
            “You sound like my mother.” you grumbled.
            You opened your (e/c) eyes to find the ceiling of your fort gone, as well as Peter’s pillows. He stood next to the small panel in the doorway with ruffled hair and a red leather jacket under his arm.
            “You hungry?”
            You sat up and stretched. Turning back to him, you replied with a yes.
:iconsophiaofterra:SophiaofTerra 122 51
ACU - Elise de la Serre cosplay by RBF-productions-NL ACU - Elise de la Serre cosplay :iconrbf-productions-nl:RBF-productions-NL 85 40 Pacific Rim - Look Out Newt! by scribblywobbly Pacific Rim - Look Out Newt! :iconscribblywobbly:scribblywobbly 59 18
Constants and Variables Chapter 9
Full Circle

The sound of footsteps scuffling out in the main room had you stirring to wake. A muffled conversation buzzes in your ears as you tiredly grab at the cartilage, hoping to stop the noise.  You groan and lift your arms, feeling a sudden tightness in one as gauze fell to the blankets. Right, you were injured last night. You lightly scratch at the shallow wound  and sigh.
A heavy weight rests on your shoulders and you slump forward. You swipe a hand across your eyes and sigh again, feeling the dried tracks of tears against your cheeks.
"He's here too..." You think, "Just when I thought I was safe."
With aching legs you swing yourself to the edge of the mattress and groan again. You instantly slump over and huff. Getting up this morning feels harder than it should.
Someone knocks at your door.
"(name)?" Booker.
You attempt to answer but can only vocalize a soft grumble.
"I'm heading out...I uh...Should be back in an hour."
You grumbl
:iconwhite-wolf-terra:White-Wolf-Terra 23 8
Bucky x Reader - Lasting Impressions {6}
There are very few moments when one can reflect and realize their mistakes.
The following morning was one of them. Of course you woke up alone in your bed wearing nothing and tangled in sheets. The night had been one of discovery and absolute passion. Even though you knew that nothing had ever been so wonderful, it still had to be a mistake. You’d learned not to love in a hard way. Shouldn’t it to be easy not to love a man who only liked you because you resembled his dead ex-girlfriend?
Who were you kidding? You didn’t love him. You’d just slept with him, that was all. But it felt like so much more.
Rolling out of bed was a feat; but you managed. After slipping on a light silky robe, you went out to make sure your renegade hadn’t wandered off. And who would have guessed that he was sitting at your kitchen table eating the deserted pie from last night?
The smirk he gave you when you walked in made your stomach turn.
”Hey,” he said, assimilating
:iconkawaiinothing:kawaiinothing 38 7
Winter Soldier x Reader (28)
It was so loud. And there was nowhere to hide.
The people kept talking. They wouldn’t stop. All the papers they had and vials and needles were important to them. The people always had them when they were watching you. Like the needle that was sticking out of your arm. What they gave to you from the needle made everything feel nice. Instead of this light, there should have been darkness to hide in.
”Who are you?”
Oh. One of the people was talking... not to the other people, but to you. What was he saying? Who were you? Didn’t he know? He was the doctor. You shook your head and watched how his head turned. These people sure did act funny. Maybe they were different. But what did other people act like? Were you the one that was different?
The doctor pulled a chair up to yours and sat in it. There was some more papers in his lap; so important. Was he going to speak to you? They never really spoke to you, they were always too busy watching.
”I am Doctor Lounze.
:iconkawaiinothing:kawaiinothing 62 27
I Think I Love You (Peter QuillxReader)

The Partridge Family-I Think I Love You
I'm sleeping

And right in the middle of a good dream
like all at once I wake up
From something that keeps knocking at my brain
He was surrounded by women and boy was he happy about it. Peter grinned and wrapped an arm around the girl on his left.
She giggled and leaned closer to him, but his eyes fell on a familiar figure. His eyes roamed up her body as he tried to remember where he had seen it before.
A (f/c) dress clung to her curves in all of the right places. (h/c) hair tied in a loose braid rested on her left shoulder. Slowly the figure turned around…
Peter jolted awake and sat up in his bed. He had no clue what had woken him up, but right now his mind was on other things.
Like the (e/c) eyed beauty that showed up in his dream. He never dreamed about her. Something nagged at the back
:iconkikizara13:kikizara13 404 58
Assassin time 2 by sakuraplus Assassin time 2 :iconsakuraplus:sakuraplus 4 0
Peter Quill x Reader Born For the Stars Part 3.
            It takes a lot longer to travel from one planet to another than you had anticipated. Peter had gone through all of his songs at least five times, and while it’s a great mix, you wanted to switch things up a bit.
            “Hey, Peter.” You inquired, “Would it be okay if I played some of my music?”
            He flicked his wrist at you dismissively. “If you don’t like the songs, you could just say so.”
            You frowned. “Never said that. In fact, I recall saying that I liked your taste in music… which I do.”
            He raised a brow. “What’s the p
:iconsophiaofterra:SophiaofTerra 139 52
Everything that I :heart:


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So it has obviously slipped my mind (i'm lying, i've just been too lazy) to tell you about the beauty that is Thief. Ya know, the game that's being released thIS TUESDAY! But i'll be getting it on Wednesday because I wouldn't even be getting a chance to play it... OR I could just not watch this weeks episode of Supernatural (I could catch up later) and then still go to art club, have my mom pick me up early, take my sister to ballet, head over to game stop (hug the game after buying it until i get home then play my heart out because Garret is pretty hot.

and i have a hood fetish
and I've been watching theRadBrad do a walk through of it (he got it early because he knows a guy that works for the company and he did a favor for him one time and he get back to him and yeah) and the gameplay looks AMAZING. Like i shit you not. Everything is smooth, the story is VERY interesting. Garrett is a little shit and its great

that it all
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